Design relationships and develop contents
Jürgen Röck
  • Freelance consultant for marketing & business development in a range of different industries since 1998.
  • Specialist in brand development & brand management: bundled know-how from industry, consultant agencies & leading advertising agencies.
  • Consultant for international economics with comprehensive experience and know-how.
  • Specialized in value-added relationship management: Successfully connecting organizations & investors, companies & key customers.
Turning Contacts Into Value


Economic success is based on a trusting business relationship between the partners – between customers and providers.

Working closely together with my clients, I develop customized strategies for them to achieve successful business relationships with a whole range of different key contacts and investors. Implementing these strategies – the continuous and intensive growth and development of contacts – is clearly oriented toward the target groups, and is highly professional and authentic. This is how I create stable and value-added business relationships for my clients.

Success is also always a result of credible and perceptible contents.

On this basis, investors and customers decide on a product, a service or a business relationship. Although price is a factor in this decision, the performance and quality which offset it are decisive for the business relationship to succeed in the long term.

Consulting services

Take a close look, and make the right connections for success

Thanks to many years of experience in a wide variety of sectors and my fine sense of target group requirements, I offer my customers successful relationship management & business development, thereby ensuring decisive value added in the relationships between organisations & investors, and between firms and key clients. As a consultant, I provide you with individual support to meet your needs exactly throughout a complete system or in modular, individual projects.


  • Marketing consulting & business development
  • Sales promotion: general, targeted and on time
  • Investor relations, customer relations
  • Public relations, public affairs
  • Lobbying, image building
  • Analysis and evaluation of corporate design and corporate behavior based on the defined corporate identity
  • Relationship management in challenging & sensitive areas
  • Brand design, brand development & brand management
If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person's point of view.Henry Ford

How I work

Integrated consulting – also in subfields

What is crucial for the way I work is the concept of a system – in the sense of integrated, individual and solution-oriented management consulting. Consulting & strategy can refer to entire systems, or subfields and individual projects.

Personally means in person

I provide support and supervision for every project personally. And the same applies to consulting services for directors, management and supervisory boards, and contacts in key positions. After consulting with the client, I bring in extra know-how from outside if required.

Depending on the scope of the task and the wishes of the client, in-house resources from the company are integrated into the implementation.

Conceptual approaches

The basis for individual concepts that fit – practical experience and scientific know-how

In the course of my many years of experience as a consultant, I have developed conceptual approaches and modules as a theoretical basis for successful and practical implementation. Here, science and practical experience go hand in hand:

ICS: Individual Consumer Service

The focus lies on the individual target group – for the best fit of service and product offerings with a strong identification effect.

MM: Member Marketing

Offerings and services with exclusive and limited access granted only to members.

BOS: Back Office Support

Exclusive service is permanently available to selected target groups.

TT: Think Tank (Black Box)

Solutions based on creative thinking processes in in-house teams – led and supervised by special coaching and facilitating techniques.

MSC: Modern Sales Channel

Cluster for bundling target group interests. Combined sales opportunities in the respective product environments, and additional communication and sales channels are developed based on customer affinities.

CPM: Customer Participation Model

Customer ties and buying incentives at their best! Customers as shareholders in projects or firms in the sense of an intensive connection between buyer and manufacturer.

PPP: Public Private Partnership

The cooperation between external capital and the public sector has proved to be a strategic business model that makes sense.

Reference projects


  • Energy
  • Real Estate
  • Finance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Location development / Property
  • IT
  • Foundations
  • Health
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Clothing & Textile


  • Listed stock corporations
  • Well-known consulting firms
  • International companies and enterprises
  • Foundations operating internationally
  • Public sector organisations

Project themes

  • Product launch
  • Extending the product and services portfolio
  • Expanding market shares
  • Tapping new markets
  • Sales promotion
  • Lobbying
  • Investor Relations
  • Public Relations
To understand your target group, start by listening to them.

Assignment & fees

Ideal conditions for ideal cooperation

My clients and I require a solid basis for achieving a successful consulting experience with the desired effect. The ideal conditions to achieve this are created by an ideal workflow embedded in open communication.

  • What is also necessary for a successful, integrated concept is a complete picture of structures, organisations and all issues that are relevant for the assignment.
  • I rely on the trust and openness of my clients. This trust is based on my complete discretion and consistent commitment to the Code of Ethics.

Assignment & fees

  • Basic information and preliminary meeting in person
  • Creation of the solution concept / procedure plus clarification of the fee
  • Consultant agreement according to the current association statutes and the code of leading consulting firms
  • Possible assignment in modules: this supports the evaluation of the implementation of the individual steps as the basis for further cooperation
  • Determining of the costs based on the task and the information provided


Jürgen Röck

Dipl. Kommunikationswirt
Badstraße 18
93059 Regensburg • Germany
mobile +49 170 222 37 66
phone +49 941 599 77 00

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